Get involved at The DROP . . .

Did you play in a tournament and want to share your experience? Are you a league commissioner or tournament director interested in cross-posting an article from your organization’s website? Do you have a competitive wiffleball opinion you are wanting to share?

Competitive wiffleball, in all of its variations, is full of stories to be told. There are larger-than-life personalities, dramatic games that rival any other sport, imaginative in-game strategies, impressive athletic feats, and eye popping statistical accomplishments. Often times those stories beneath the result - the elements of competitive wiffleball that truly make it special - are left on the field. The goal of The DROP is to tell those stories on a more regular basis to hopefully a broader audience than the players that were there to witness them firsthand.

To that end, The DROP is always looking for contributors from any competitive wiffleball environment from anywhere in the country (or world!). Regular contributors and article-by-article submissions are welcomed. Just drop us a line, let us know what you are thinking, and we will be in touch.

While most any wiffleball topic is fair game, we ask that any articles adhere to some simple rules. Any articles deemed to be intentionally and maliciously inflammatory to any individuals, teams, organizations, or group of people will not be accepted. Editorials are welcomed, provided the expressed opinions do not fall into the previously mentioned bucket. Anonymous submissions or pen names are not allowed - every published article must be attributed to the real name of the author. The DROP editor has the final say on any published articles.

If you have an article - or even an idea for one - we can’t wait to hear from you!